I need help!!! Yet another question..but didn't know where to post it...


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I have a idea and Yes, mine are not always the greatest and it might be my ADD talking...but in any case, I have this idea and I seen that someone said if you use a famous persons name it will get pulled...so I am confused.......isn't The POPE famous??? Anyway, is it that you can not list a famous person's name in the title or anywhere in the auction listing????

And second if it offends the FAMIOUS PERSON in question...is it safe for me to put a disclaimer at the bottom saying that:
this is my opinion and my opinion only and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of anyone else...nor is it intended to change one's mind about their initial opinion....

Please give me feedback on this and I promise I will not hold any of you responsible for my actions…lol



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Not sure how they choose who may or may not use a celebrities name. The pope however, is more of a job description or title. If you use a formal name, thats what gets you bumped. I changed my jennifer willbanks to Jennifer WilBolt...but then again...I only got 2 watchers for it...so maybe it's worth the chance. I dunno. If EGAY gets enough dinero, they don't seem to mind. OH! did I msspell that? hahahah!