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PlayStation 2 I need help please read


New Member
I joined basically to ask this question because it has been driving me crazy

I long time ago, I'm talking at least 5 years ago, there was a video game. I could have sworn on my life it was a PS2 game, but I cannot find it or the name. I've searched everything and I can't find anything about it, not even a picture! If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know:

It's a tall red-head girl who goes into a town and fights off bad guys, more than half the game is while you are on a big orange dragon. It is basically free roaming, at least what I can remember. It is not supposed to be cartoon looking, at the time they did the best they could to make it look real. It was supposed to take place hundreds of years ago, and you go to this castle town, buy weapons, travel around. I know you fight other dragons, and I know you go underground and fight large spiders. I also remember going into a dark tomb where you battle skeletons. Another scene I remember is you go into a town where it is always raining and there are big ships?!

That's all I can pull out of my memory, does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?!