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I need an animated avatar


still nobody's bitch
because apparently Jeanie Bueller isn't going to show up for most people. I'm tired of the little black square.

suggestions plzthx.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I don't what you could find that matches your sig, but something pro union would rock haha...does it have to be animated?


still nobody's bitch
yeah, it has to be animated because non-animated avs aren't showing up for me.


Lion Rampant
Saw this one while looking for a Father Ted gif:



I find animated avatars... suck most of the time. They are also just really annoying too. When someone has an animated avatar is draws the attention of the eye always to that one avatar which is annoying. Sort of like how it's hard to ignore animated ads, they always catch your eye and annoy you.

Why does it have to be animated? Your old one is static and that's showing up.


Do What Thou Wilt
"To the burglar downstairs: I havecalled the police. You would be an idiot if you don't run away now. Also know I have my dads gun and a raging case of herpes. "