I need advice. I attract all the jerks!!


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Hey guys, I'm about to get ebay "Burned Out". I guess it's me, but if there is a jerk around I will find them. My Jay Leno cracker sold for about $60, but now the winning bidder refuses to pay. I tried to be nice, but now...... well, I'll paste part of the last email.

I did intend to pay if I had been the actual winner. Once I saw I was
outbid, I bid on other auctions. Anyway, if you want to turn it over
to ebay that's fine.We can even exchange negative feedback if you

HE WAS THE ACTUAL WINNER!! :mad: Now what do I do???? Thanks. I don't know what I'd do without ya'll. Pam


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Well he new once he bid he was in a contract your call though go to ebay file on him take the neg,or just agree with him through ebay to not go through with the sale then there is no neg


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Looking back at his feedback, and the kinds of things he sells, well, I don't think you are gonna get anywhere with him. several negs, and alot of questionalble auctions.


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The only thing you can do is to file a NPB report to recoup your fees and maybe do a second chance offer to the 2nd bidder.

I know how you feel, I got burned on my Silver Lining auction too and now it's not doing well at all.


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if he was going to change his mind like that he should of told you in advance to give you the chance to cancel his bid...he had plenty of notice because ebay notifies people when they have been outbid...at least then you would have been able to deal with it in advance...you may try point that out to him if you are still trying to get him to pay

I had to do that one time because i got outbid on an item so i bid on the same item in a different auction by the same seller...but then the person who outbid me retracted his bid about a day after placing it...so i just asked if it would be okay for him to cancel the bid...he was very nice about it, but i still would have paid for both if it came down to it


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Me too, Jen!! Surely it won't! I just seem to be having some bad luck with that sort of thing lately. But Mina's looks like it's going real well!! So I think it will do fine!


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Too bad that there are people like that out there that want to bring misery into peoples lives by not paying up...We have been lucky so far....have had problems with people taking too long to ship an item but that is about it