I need a new car


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I need to buy a vehicle that is reliable (mechanically and by reputation), under $5grand and isn't going to bend me over and do me on gas. Preferably a newer model 97’ or later. It needs to have room for at a minimum 2 adults and 2 kids. It has to be some kind of van, SUV, jeep or truck. I need a larger vehicle for my one job. Ideas on what I could look at? I’m having a hard time finding something.


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A large vehicle such as it has to be able to carry lumber sized whatever? I was going to suggest a full size sedan, but if you need an SUV go for something like a Toyota Matrix. They have the same interior cargo space as a Jimmy/Blazer and get 36+ mpg.


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How about checking out an 97 Yukon on for an SUV type, it's a perfect family car and my mom owns one from experience. My mom has the short verison but for your job I suggest you go and try to find the long verison in either the Yukon, Surburban, or Tahoe.l For a truck I suggest a late model Chev with a long cab, the name of the truck I'm talking about is on the tip of my tongue but I just can't remember it at the moment.


did u say a new car for 5 grand im not sure what world you live in lol :) im looking for my first car and it looks like minimum ive seen is a Aveo (New) for 10 grand


Look around for a Toyota Previa. They are hard to find, but if you do, you're virtually set for life. They are bullet-proof. Gas mileage is disappointing (low 20's highway). Mine is a '93,, with 220K on the clock, and if I had to drive to Alaska, I'd just gas up and go.