i need a design...


my bologna has a 1st name
i need some help with a design...
so Im asking anyone that has any spare time to help... please
my bank has a program that lets you design your own debit card, by uploading an image that you want on the card, well i wanna go a lil overboard with it and i wanna make a debit/ID/neeto card. I wanna card that will include my name and photo. i also want a few specs on the card. I want the card to have rainbows with a black ground or base image, with white lettering. I also what some kind of curly vectors like randomness...

here are some examples...


just guidelines and some things that i like... thanks and well if i like it enough to get it...um i don't know...i guess i will like you more...


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Damn, my trial software just expired two days ago. :lol: I would have designed it for you because I like doing it (see GF tower, haha). Ask icegoat!


my bologna has a 1st name
i did and i got an ' i will have to see when i have time' from everyone...i asked ice, synd, night, mal, damn near i could think of...bumped my thread to see if any newbs would help... and stil nothing..
*insert sad face*


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I could do something for you across the weekend!

If you want your picture on the card, you'd need to provide one, the bigger and higher the resolution the better, as its only for a card it does not have to be to massive. I would also need to know the name you want on the card.