I made a wallpaper

Papyrus=lose, as does repeating the same image on the right side... besides that, I like the rather sparse look to it, and the colors while infrequent are nice.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Ack...too bright, add some dark colors or something to go with the dark mood of the quote. But it's good though Mali and it looks awesome, it's just too bright for my eyes lol >>; Also I gotta say...I love that quote!^^;


I think it would look better without the image on the right. However I like a minimalistic look on my wallpapers


for me I like the first one, it looks cool and somewhat different, I like the lighting as well, text is kinda plain though, it could be a little more unique.. its still good though


Ya I like that A LOT better that looks awesome now, thats a great image for a wallpaper. I tip my hat to you =)