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remember me?? 'lilbballfrk'??
haha well like, i`ve been hiatus for soo long and i`ve finally been brought back by oxyMORON ! ^___^;
nothing really changed,
so i`m so excited to be back<3

i hope some of you guys still remember me :]!
i am so glad to see that this forum is still running
lols, i`ll remmeber to bookmark it this time.
ever since you guys moved,
i hadn`t been able to find it since x]

mann, i have so many random topics running through my head xD
there are so many things i have to catch up with you guys with
and i can`t wait to start posting again

haha recently [more like just 2 minutes ago >_>] oxyMORON had showed me an old post that i had posted up, and it was such a shock to see how much i`ve grown xP
i`ve really enjoyed my time here and i`m just hoping to continue everything i had left off
so enough about the past,
i am now one year older from before [from those who remember how old i was]
i still live in the same home like i did a year ago [o_o]
and i recently got a new myspace because i forgot my password to it >___>;;
yeahyeah, i nkow, smart huh x]

feel free to add me if you want :] i`m always glad to meet new friends ^^v

well okay,
my name is obviosuly still aileen
pronounced 'I LEAN'
haha well hmm, i`ll be really looking forward to meeting all the new members, and of course, the old ones as well.

:clap:HI EVERYONE! :clap:


Problematic Shitlord

Welcome back! Look at the size of the "What are you listening to" thread since you've left.


A Darker Knight
yay! no problem. nice to have you back.

see? I'm helping this place out too:yes:


Aw, Here It Goes!
Welcome back. Your name actually came up in the what ever happen to this member thread, good to see your back though.


Registered Member
Glad to have you back libball. You were the one who PMed me on another forum to join I believe.

:) glad to see you back.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Hey Welcome Back it's me Vince Carter. I tried so many times to get you back, but you kept telling me that your mother didn't want you to come and post on the forums. Well I'm glad that your back, and hopefully you'll become active once again, because you would be a great addition. See ya around and i'll see ya around.
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