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I Love Her but I don't know her name.


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I Love Her but I don't know her name.
By S. Pringle aka Python

I see her once, maybe twice a day
But I have no clue what is her name.

I ask and ask thinking others would know
But all they say is "Umm" and lift their brow.

She tends to be quiet, but that is quite okay
Because I like that anyway.

Today I saw her, she was wearing green
And could have passed for a beauty queen.

When she takes pictures, she has the coolest pose
And doesn't need to keep powdering her nose.

New Years Day is coming and they'll drop the ball
And if we were both together I'd look short because she's so tall.

I know she likes the Seven Seas
But that is a secret between you and me.

What do you say? How do I know?
Well, it something she wears in her hair and its now a bow.

Well, I got to go, here is her pic
If you know who she is, you can let me know real quick.
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Oh cool. :D thanks.

Is it tomorrow or Thursday for Blunt's 2 year release of "You're Beautiful."?