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Photos I Love Bears


AKA Ass-Bandit
I love all sorts of bears. How about some pictures of bears? Like this one?

Look at those bears, they're being family. Cute as hell

And how about this bear?

It looks like it's pleased to see you. Like you were expected round for tea or something, and the bear's greeting you. Except it isn't, because it's a bear. It'd probably maul you.

Now here's some bears in their natural habitat.

Look at how relaxed they are. Not a freaking care in the world. Because they're bears.

Here's a sleuth of bears.

I bet they're having a good time. How do bears have a good time? I guess we'll never know.

And to finish things off...

Goddamn, that is a beautiful bear!

So, what did we learn today? We learnt that bears are awesome, that's what.

Fuck yeah, bears!


Free Spirit
Staff member
The first two were extremely cute.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Ha ha, could be.


Well-Known Member
My body is ready...for bear knowledge I mean.