I lost my first fight today

I chill with a group of friends. I always argue with one of my peers, over the dumbest things. Everyone agreed he was a bit slow at times, so lately I chose to leave him alone. However, he manages to associate me with stress. When he gets into an argument with other people, he might say something like "see, mha, You always think your right about stuff, and I hate you", pretty much at random - seriously. At one point yesterday, he even screamed at me as I agreed w/ him on a topic. Most
of the other debates were on things that don't make much sence either. for example, we once had an argument, because he was convinced there were people in this world that could fly. Todays debate started because we went to the park with several basketballs. Everyones hands were full but his. A friend asked him to hold their basketball, and he kicked it, for no apparent reason. I asked him to pick it up for me, and he ignored me. He proceeded to by food from the corner store w/ money I'd given him. The kid asks him to hold the ball again. He said no, and kicks the ball a second time. I asked him why he was so difficult, everyone else had stuff in their hads but him.
this dude cursed me out over the dumbest shit, and threatend to "fuck me up". I called him a bitch, since there were previous incodents where people started stuff with him in the streets and he didn't do anything. Ironically when I ask him to pick up a basketball he turns into 'mister get bad'. I shoved him, he shoved me back. Oddly I was satisfied. I put my guard down after shouting a few words, and he hits me twice in the face. Takes of his shirt - diesel as fuck - and we start going at it.
We traded a few hits, and he backs off. I figured it was over, he was talking shit, I ignored him and went off somewhere else. He throws a basketball at me, I case him, and he stops behind a pole. I figured it was over again, I put my guard down and he punches the shit out of my right cheek. I go to fight him again, he keeps on backing off. Being his hits were taking a decent amount of damage, I didn't want to rush in, and trade anything. In the heat of the moment, I wasn't able to realize I was losing everytime I let my guard down. At some point he steps back, and we're separated by railing mounted in the side walk. I figured he couldn't do anything form a distance. He picks up a basketball and launches it at my face. I chased him a bit more, but I realized my nose was bleeding. I wanted to consider the possibility I was hurt way worse then I thought, especially since people wanted to break it up.
I went upstairs to check myself out, change clothes, and came back out. I wasn't bad off

I'm pissed I got into a fight in the first place. But I'm happy I lost for once. For one, I've learned just because the guy is way stronger then you are, and strongly interested in fighting DOES mean he's going to kick your ass. lol. on a more serious note I feel I know where my strengths and weaknesses are, so it was a good experience as far as fighting is concerned. I think i broke/fractured my thumb too. : (
you shoulda pulled your pants down. that would have distracted him enough for you to hit him dead in the face, then pee on his leg and run away. lmfao

congrats tho, guess you can now say youve lost a fight in your life


lol, why didnt you throw the basketball back at him? you shoulda tackled him to the ground and just go crazy on his face, and then pee on him to establish your dominance. lol, j/k man, but that sucks.
Yeah. I guess I have a lot to learn.
I took defense classes for a good portion of my life, so I couldn't imagine losing. Yesterday I went wild.. it was bad. I guess I have more to learn. : |