I know what you did last summer ON-LINE


"There can be only one!"
BBC News - Paying the price for a free web

I have not in years, I do not and will not take illicit drugs, but there was a time under the full-on influence of 'herbs' and 'chemicals' I have searched for some pretty weird stuff.
[It's fair to say, though I never knew at the time, I was fucked in the head.]
I say 'full-on' as in 'having taken drugs at the time' but many drugs are still in your system months after you take them, so even when I was not high... I was still searching for some pretty paranoid stuff.

Fuck it. I'm a bit embarrassed that I was ever so bloody stupid, but what's done is done.
I put it down to experience, and I now understand a lot of people whom suffer from paranoia, such as 'conspiracy theorists' etc. I understand where they are coming from, but I also understand that it's 'in the mind.'

I'm quite a private person. I think collectively, people will know a lot about me, but very few individuals, almost non know 'everything' about me.
I think one of my surviving paranoia's is 'all emails ever sent' 'all sms text messages ever sent' could one day be exposed, albeit as part of an on-line terror attack. [It's a known possibility, and that shutting down the Internet could cause WW III as no one would have a clue about what anyone is doing. National and international trade would stop dead in its tracks.] I guess I have nothing 'that big' to hide, but like I say, it's just a surviving paranoia.

Facebook pissed me off recently, and most of their members by taking giant leaps 'back the way' on privacy. It seems to be an on-line patern now that the internet is becoming less private as opposed to 'more private.'