I just watched Bleach Memories of Nobody


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The only thing I dont like about most anime movies from an anime series is often they do not relate to the anime. They are stand alone and do not really advance the plot. Not to mention most of the anime movies I have seen were terrible with only a few being good.

Memories of Nobody is a stand-alone movie but I still found the movie pretty good. In fact it was one of the better anime movies I have seen. That being said I was still disappointed with how the movie ended.

The only problem is at the end of the movie it is as if what happened didn't really matter. The new character they introduce Senna I thought was pretty cool. She sacrifices herself to save the real world and soul society. But since she was created from a fabrication of memories as soon as she ceases to exist everyone will forget her presence. They leave it open that she was reincarnated as another girl at the end but I still felt that was a bit weak. I think Senna could have even been Ichigo's love interest since he seems to only see all his relationships with girls as platonic. I wish she would be a reoccurring character she was just a bit of a change of pace to the show. She reminded me of Rukia only weaker and a lot more fun.

Anyone else check out this movie? I would recommend the purchase of this movie if you are a Bleach fan.