I just saved a guy in a wheelchair


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I was walking home from work about 1/2 an hour ago, and I heard someone making weird noises across the street. Turns out it was a mentally disabled guy in a wheelchair who'd gone off the side of the road, and was stuck against a fence. I rang the doorbell of a nearby house, and got the guy who answered to help me help the guy in the wheelchair.

Apparently, he'd been stuck there for 3 hours, and could have easily been stuck their all night, since I couldn't even see him as I walked by across the street.

It feels really cool to be able to have helped him like that.


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Done your good deed for the day Wade. Like Kratzenkov said, a lot of people would have just walked on by, so you should be proud of yourself


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Kudos to you Wade for being alert! Three hours and no one else heard him? You were at the right place at the right time. Karma is going to reward you big time. :)


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Nice job bro, it's always good to help people out, and in this case very lucky!

I'm actually not surprised that no one helped him before you came along, a ton of people have probably driven by and just didn't bother to help him.


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Way to help out your fellow man/those who cannot help themselves. Proud of ya bud, and you should feel proud of the choice you made that day!



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It gets dark pretty early around here this time of year. It's quite possible no one saw him. I have really good eyesight, and I couldn't even tell he was there when I was looking right at him from just across the street. If you're going by quickly in a car, it's even harder to see him.