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zOMG I just realized...


... I'm an update whore.
I want to have the latest versions of every single program I use on my computer as well as on the websites I use.
I've always been like this...it's just that now I've come to accept it.

help! (?)


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But we love you anyway, Elly Welly!


Son of Liberty
you know whats funny was I made that declaration when I was like 7 or 8 years old.

My family had our first computer and it was a rinky dink piece of shit. I remember half the websites I wanted to go to, I couldnt because our Java or Flash plugins were outdated. And everytime I asked my parents if I could update them, they'd freak out on me saying "NOOOO, We cant waste so much space on that Computer!"

So I made the declaration to myself that one day... I would have a Computer with all the top notch shit in it, constantly up to date so that I never got "Declined" from any website I wanted to visit.

To this day... my comp is the best I've ever had :thumbsup:


"NOOOO, We cant waste so much space on that Computer!"
That's what a friend of mine constantly tells me. Though there's enough space on my computer [500GB; 4GB Ram] I can't sleep at night if I don't have anything up to date.

I just pupated Skype from version to version

I mean..seriously? I can't believe it!
At the end, there was no noticeable difference between these two versions and I don't think I'll ever see it unless I update it to version 6.0