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I just joined


Registered Member
hi everyone..this is a simple person hoping to make a lot of friends and share views, thoughts, idea etc. with people. i just joined and this is my first post. :)


Hi diva.
Tell us a bit more about you. Where you from/live? Hobbies? What do you do in life?


Haters gonna hate.
Welcome to GF! Hopefully you stick around and enjoy your time here at this forum! There is so much to do!


Registered Member
Hello and welcome to GF! :D So, what are your interests? Lots of awesome topics to talk about here!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome to General Forum, diva!

My questions are the same as everyone elses'! We look forward to hearing more about you, and seeing your posts around the site.


Where is my Queen?
Welcome Diva, there is alot of topics that should keeps you occupied through out the day. Where did you get the name 'diva' from? Did you get it from the WWE?