Nintendo 64 I just got a 4th N64


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Only 60 more to go, :lol:

Seriously though I just got a 4th Nintendo 64, also in brand new condition like my other 3.

It came with evereything in perfect condition.

-N64 system (with instruction booklets and some plastic gaming station I've never seen before, it's a huge unit, the front looks like it's shaped for gamecube.)
-Expansion Pak and Jumper Pak
-Blue Controller
-Black Controller
-Gray Controller
-Off Brand Gold Controller
-2 Memory Cards
-2 Rumble Paks
-Zelda Ocarina of Time (With Instructiosn Booklet and Plastic Casing.)
-Donkey Kong 64 (With Instructions Booklet)
-Starfox 64 (With Instructions Booklet)
-Goldeneye 007
-Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA (With Instructions Booklet)
-NFL Blitz
-Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (With Instructions Booklet)

Seems like a pretty good deal to me, considering that I spend like $15 just on DK 64 a few years back (it's more expensive now in the condition that I got it in)

This was $40 overall.

I think I have enough to call it a collection now :lol:
Has anybody else ever found a deal like this before? I think it was an insane deal, looking on ebay it looks like things like this should sell for at least $80 and usually more.
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Thats cool, but I have to ask why?

Is it solely for collection purposes?

And yeah, that is a pretty cool deal. I picked one up like that recently; A PS1 with 70 games mostly made up of sports including the first PS1 Madden Game and every one afterwards. Got it bundle at a yard sale for 20 bucks and its in supurb working condition. I've never used it and dont have a ps1 in the first place... but it is there in case I ever feel I wanna go retro ;).


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Hey, I would of paid $40 for Goldeneye 007 alone!!

I was at a boot fair last year and saw somebody selling a complete Sega Megadrive (Genesis) with a huge box of popular game (Sonic, Cannon Fodder etc). Complete with 2 controllers, Sega 32x and the Sega CD.

This guy was selling it all for £15 ($27 ish).

It was a crazy deal and I should of snapped it up but unfortunately some other punk jumped in ahead of me.

You've got yourself a great deal there though Dave, is this purchase for collection only or are you going to enjoy many hours entertainment?


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A 4th one? LOL

What the hell do you need so many for? I still have the same N64 that I bought new several years ago. =P

But yeah, that sounds like a good deal. You should put your extra system and games up on ebay and make some extra $.


It's not me, it's you.
I recently watched that video when someone linked me to the old thread. I shouldn't have watched all those videos at work starfx or whatever his name is had me in complete stitches.

But...I guess if you need multiple N64's for a GF video, it's all good. lol


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I don't see the point of having four N64's and extra copies of games, but I have to say that's a pretty sweet deal.