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I Just Don't Get It!!!!!!


Registered Member
Ok, I'm having a blonde moment here.
I just don't get how a piece of toast is getting bids of $15,000

Yes, I understand it's probably because it's been on the news, tv and radio, but I don't understand how it even got any media coverage initially?

What makes one auction get so much more publicity than the others??

I still don't get it?



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I was asking myself the same question when I saw the Pulse....sick just sick!!!

I think my auction is pretty darn good and yet a peice of bread takes off like nuts.... What can I say...must be like the Lotto...you may win, but chances are you won't!!!

I like nice stuff to give away in my auctions...but maybe I am doing it all wrong...<looking around> hmmmmmmmmmm I do have a bath sponge of my own...its used (I think that is bonus points) I dunno I have nothing........
<sad> <just sad>


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my bath sponge has only been used on me...does that count as one of a kind...hahahahahaha ok I went to far!
my hubby laughed hard though and told me to do it...sell my one and only favorite purple bath sponge...but then I would have to show a pic of my body and well then your just not gunna make the pulse at all with a pic like that...hahahahah
<shakes head>


not a plastic bag
I bet that unless GP buys it, the guy never sees his money. If someone actually bought it, they would have to be both stupid and wealthy. dot.bomb wiped out most of those dudes. They may have fun bidding, but I bet reality sets in when the paypal request comes over and they realize they bought something that is worth $0.


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you know if I was THAT wealthy I would not buy a peice of toast that someone took there butter knife too.........infact I am being mean, but my kids could do it better than that...
what about I carve "run away bride" in my sponge? I know I know stop with the sponge!


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Do you know how media gets involved for certain auctions? I mean does a person just sit and call every news and radio station or what? What about the bigger tv shows?

Also in the auction it said something about goldenpalace casino wanted it BUT did you notice they didn't even bid.
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