I just ate some moldy food


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Don't you hate the feeling when you are eating some leftovers and after you are about halfway through you notice... *ughh* MOLD! :shocked:

Well, hopefully the microwave took care of it first. :D

Ever done it?


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I can't say I've ever had that happen to me. I usually check my food before eating it, and I never really leave food long enough for it to go mouldy in the first place.


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Nastiest experience ever:

Drinking spoiled milk. I think I shuddered before I spit it back out. All over the floor.


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A few months ago, I ate two caramel apples that were moldy, but I didn't know they were moldy until I pulled out the sticks.

I threw up for a good 20 mins :sick:
I was in the process of eating a salad once when I realized that the cheese that was sprinkled on it was moldy. That was a fun experience. I bitched and got some free gift certificates. When I went back and used them, I made sure to thoroughly inspect my food.
My sanwich had a few mold spots which I didn't notice till the colour of the bread seemed off. I just trew away the half eaten sanwich and drank some water


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Call me weird but slightly moldy bread doesnt bother me. I'm not talking covered in green fuzz... but just some like the rolls that have gotten the little white patches on 'em... oh man if you just put some whipped margerine in it, heat it up in the oven its pretty damn good :hah: The little bit of mold gives it a weird sweet flavor, but it also has that hint of taboo to it, kinda like running around the house naked when you know that at any moment someone you dont want catching you could catch you.

Other foods outside of cheese, I usually just chuck 'em... Im not big on mold or spoiled milk products. Cheese doesnt bug me so much, I'll just lop off the moldy part and keep on eating it. But yeah, those rolls and just a touch of light mold... its different :hah: cant say I'd make it a daily thing though, maybe once every 6 months or so.


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Heh, that is a bit weird Ice...

Then again I've been known to cut off moldy parts of cheese and eat the rest (When cutting from a larger block). Ironically cheese IS a form of mold.

Technically most mold wouldn't kill you, or even hurt you at all but most people just find the idea of eating it a little unnerving/disgusting.


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I once made a sandwich and didn't realise until I was about to take the first bite that the bread had green spots all over it! I felt so sick when I realised I almost put it in my mouth. It put me off bread for quite a while I can tell you.