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I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but I gotta ask


Registered Member
Is anyone increasing their minimum bids or putting a reserve on their fs items to counter the ebay fee increases? How are you recouping some of the extra fees?


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In my opinion, putting a reserve on tends to backfire. A lot of people will skip over auctions with reserves.

Raising the minimum bid would be more likely to be useful, I think.


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Staff member
Reserves usually aren't any good. Instead of putting a reserve, it's better to start the auction a little higher to begin with.

The only time a reserve is good is on something of significant value like a car. Even then though, if it's in good condition you probably won't need a reserve because you will get bids anyway and most likely sell for around what you were looking for. (No guarantees of course!)


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I've noticed prices going up a little but it's been steady. I figured it was just the marketplace. Buyers willing to pay more and sellers happily taking it.


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well prices on some items are higher than the prices in the market.so now i look more thoroughy in the market for my needs