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I have weird cats.


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If and when I find a hairball I don't stick around to inspect it.... I yell for my hubby to get it and make it go away.


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I have one cat, it is male, and he is so sweet! We live in the country so he stays out side. Everytime I go out the door he follows me around like a puppy dog! When I work in my flower beds he stays right with me and will even try to help pull weeds! The only real crazy thing about him is that he will not chase bugs, mice or anything. He will just look at what ever it is and then turn his head! I have never seen a cat until now that does not chase things! :lol:


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does anyone else have a cat that drooles??? Squishy drooles when she is being pet...then she rubs her face on you and you end up with kitty droole running down parts of your body....yuck


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All Cats Are Weird - that's why we love them!

I have 6 cats and also live out in the country. They each have their own uniquely wonderfully strange personalities. I have a couple who drool but only when they're really really happy! That means they love you -- I hope so anyway. I love watching my cats play with each other they are so funny. A couple of mine love to follow me around the property and get into trouble.
I wouldn't trade them for anything.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey Mina my cat angelica does the came thing. I love the cats name. Did you name her before or after you discovered that she drools? Too funny. :lol:
Till next time................................ :warp: