I have the new Monk Playtest


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You don't. Ha. But have some taster fluff.

"From high in forbidding mountains to the alleys of a city's meanest district, the ascetic warriors known as monks practice their art. By focusing their minds and bodies, honing both to near perfection, they master a psionic fighting art that allows them to deliver a punch with the force of a giant's club and absorb attacks as well as a heavily armored knight. Monks tap into their psionic potential that rests within their bodies and minds, turning that energy further inward to fortify their bodies and sharpen their minds.

Perhaps you set out on this path to put a dark past behind you, or maybe your village was victimized one time too many by an evil lord or marauding beasts and now you seek justice. No matter what your motivation, the path of the monk transforms you into a living weapon."
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I'm kinda interested in seeing how the whole "full discipline" thing works in play. I might work one into my game as an NPC to check it out. Oh yeah, and this thread is filled with lies, because I also have the playtest. :aliencool: