I have returned from lands afar


Truth be told I only went to northern Michigan.
Truth be told that wasn't the reason for my absence.
Truth be told my internet connection went to shit since its moving season down here in the student ghetto and whoever's internet I'm "borrowing" moved away and I was sad. But someone moved in and they seem to have the internet.

Either way its finicky and who knows how long I have until I actually have to pay for the internet. So I'm back, not sure how much time I can devote to the boards lately as I'm working on several projects down at the local cable access, and writing several scripts of my own for an upcomming production so I'm pretty busy.

Either way, I'm back and now you all tell me how much you missed me.


I went up to Traverse City and Sleeping Bear dunes.

I was only up there for a few days but it was a pretty cool trip.


still nobody's bitch
excellent! i love TC.

There's a really cool state park where the Platte River comes out to Lake Michigan, and the beach has an excellent view of the dunes.

I'm jonesing to go up north so bad. Glad you had a good time.


Truth be told I wasn't terribly fond of TC. It was a cool town and the people were decent I suppose. My last day I spent camping at I believe its the DH Day campground (one of the first state parks actually) and it was close to Glen Harbor which I found to be an obnoxious little tourist town where everything cost an arm and a leg.

But the nature out there is absolutly wonderful. It was one of those trips that reminded me why I love this state.