I have returned from India!


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I got back a few days ago but I've been suffering from unexpected jetlag. I slept until 5pm yesterday like it was a cat nap. Anyway, I'm back. The trip was life changing to say the least. This was a missions trip, for those who may not have known. We saw some great places but our primary goal was helping local churches and ministries. It was around 120 degrees F the entire time we were there. The food was absolutely amazing. I wish I had some of the recipes. I will really miss some of that stuff. Oh, and for those who said Kashmir was suicide, part of our team split off and went there and they have also returned safely.

On our first day in India we walked the streets of New Delhi. We prayed with several people and had the opportunity to share Jesus with several Muslims that we ran into. One particularly sombering moment was when we saw a 5 year old kid on a small wooden self propelled platform with questionable wheels. He slowly worked his way through the crowd as people hit him on the head or kicked him to the side while his brother helped him along. He had no left foot. It was gone above the ankle and it was wrapped in fresh bloody bandages. Somehow and for whatever reason, his foot had recently been chopped off. This was most likely something a gang did in order for him to earn more money begging, which is what he was doing. We saw so many people begging and most of them had serious physical ailments. Some had legs no thicker than 3 of our fingers. Others had bandages over eyes that were missing. Others had no arms. Think your life sucks? Think again. Your life is absolutely amazing.

The first thing our contacts told us was to make sure we don't stray too far from the area in which we were staying during the day, and not to leave at all at night. Why? Because the area we were staying was apparently a problem area for Indian mafia gangs. They were known for killing westerners in this area because they assumed they were Christians and here to "convert" people. Their stereotype would have been true in our case, so we made sure to follow the rules and suggestions given to us regarding where we went during certain times of day. Was I scared? Interestingly no. Not for one moment. I had peace during the entire trip and didn't think once about any dangerous people that were potentially so close by.

We helped a local church and ministry organization put on a Vacation Bible School for local children. This lasted for the first half of the trip. Most of these kids came from Hindu or Muslim homes, but their parents didn't care that they were going to learn about Jesus. They are surprisingly open to Christianity. Both Muslims and Hindus in the areas that we visited were very friendly and welcoming. The kids were amazing. They were so happy to be there. It was most likely one of the highlights of their year. This was my favorite part of the trip. It was great being a part of giving these kids a few days of fun and excitement. They smiled all the time and it was clear that they were really having a great time.

I knew a fair amount of the Hindi language going into this trip so I was able to communicate with the locals quite a bit. I talked to a lot of people in the area in which we stayed and several of them helped me learn even more Hindi. I left knowing a lot more than I knew going in and I'd love to continue learning the language. It really is very beautiful. I love it and found it to be very relaxing to listen to.

We then spent some brief time in a city called Varanasi. This city borders the Ganges river. You could slice through the evil in the air with a butter knife. There were literally hundreds of temples in just a mile or so stretch of river, maybe more. The demonic oppression in this city was almost breathable. It was easily the darkest city I have ever visited. We saw dead bodies being burned on the river shore. Their ashes would later be sprinkled into the Ganges river. People bathed in this river all day long. The people of this city reminded me of zombies. Nobody smiled. They just spent the day in a trance, worshiping idles and performing rituals. It was extremely depressing being there.

We visited the market area of Varanasi as well and had the opportunity to go to a McDonald's there. As we entered, we had to pass through metal detectors AND pat down agents. Why? Because such restaurants were popular areas to kill westerners. The local police made every effort to keep these "tourist" areas safe. This was the same in the mall that we visited. Metal detectors at every door and a weapons search pat down. In the streets themselves it wasn't uncommon to see people carrying rifles on their backs. I could be wrong but they didn't all look like police officers. Many looked like normal civilians.

We also went and visited some very poor villages. The houses were made of clay and straw, and were no bigger than a slightly over-sized bathroom that we'd have in our houses. They kept everything they owned in these houses, which was just a few chairs and some clothes generally. One women invited us to come into her home. As we stood in there, she started weeping and explaining to us (in Hindi) how she was sick and how she needed money to buy food. She wasn't more than 5 feet tall at best and it was clear that she had led a very rough life. She was very frail and it was clear that she really did have physical needs. It was very humbling being there in her house, hearing her ask for what she really needed, and knowing that so many people back home take their lifestyles for granted. If only we could all have the opportunity to be among those who have next to nothing.

This is more or less a quick summary. I have no desire to defend what I saw and witnessed there, so I've purposely left out any supernatural accounts from this story. In the end, this trip changed my life. I am still processing it all and realizing just how exactly this trip changed my life, but I can honestly say I'm a changed person. If I ever complain about anything again, I hope to think about the people I met who were joyful in 120 degree weather, bad water, and a much different lifestyle than mine. If they can be happy, then so can I. I can never complain again about anything. I already miss India and I would love to go back for a longer stay sometime.

Attached are some pictures I took during my time there.


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Wow, has it really been a couple weeks since I last saw you at GF!!!! :-o I wasn'y expecting you see you for like another 2/3 weeks.

Anyway welcome back, I'm glad that this trip has been a good experience for you.


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Wow! Seems like you had quite the experience. Glad to see you back in one piece.

Are you planning to do this again anytime soon?

Nice pictures as well.


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Welcome back. I hope you got what you wanted out of your trip. Sounds like it was a real eye opener for you.


Welcome back Hybrix!!!! :)
Thank you for sharing your story with us!!
It's great to hear you had a good time..

. If I ever complain about anything again, I hope to think about the people I met who were joyful in 120 degree weather, bad water, and a much different lifestyle than mine. If they can be happy, then so can I. I can never complain again about anything.
That's so true. It's always good to remember that there are people who live in much worse conditions than us and that we need to thank God for what we have.

Didn't you say you'd go back there 2 weeks after coming back?


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It sounds like you had an amazing time

The pics are fab.

glad to have you back safe!



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Wow is about all I can say. What a great experience you had and I agree, many of us take what we have for granted all the time, I'm just as guilty as the next person. Thank you for sharing this and hope to hear more about your trip.


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Varanasi is a holy city, not a dark city! The body burning is just Hindu cremation and the river in which the ashes are strewn is considered Holy. But I'm shocked at the thought that some people would actually want to kill you. I'm glad you returned safely.


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I couldn't find the right "Welcome Home" Halmark E-Card, so I'm going with this...

I'm sincerely glad you are home safe and unscathed! I expect many intriguing stories and posts to come from your trip.