I Have Music!!


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Check out the Ghost Cane Cheeto! WHew! Several hours of trying to figure out how to put music on my page and WAALAAA!!!



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Care to share your wisdom with us?
How exactly does one manage to put music on their auction?

I don't hear any music??????
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Uh oh you dont hear it? Hmmmm........it played for me...........anyone else hear it? LOl........wolver, what I did was copied the html from the Auction Design thread and I put the music on my geocities page, i just created another page but didn't link it to my others, then went to the file manager and got the addy where my music file was and put it in the html..........

wonder why you didn't hear it?


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Ok figured out what it was, my geocities was a free site and you are only allowed so much bandwith traffic. So I fixed that!! :) NOW I have music lol.......I hope for as long as my auction is up!!


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Is the file on your home computer, or on a server somewhere? If it's on your home computer only you will be able to hear it..