I have been thinking

Hello, I have been making signatures and trying to inpress the people over at Planet Render and they basicly told me I cannot render nor make signatures worth a damn. Now most people would have gave up and cried in a courner somewhere. Not me thought I have realized that here at Fusion central all Graphic work is at a much lower level then that or PR. So I did not feel to back about it but, It does make me what to try harder to become the best I can be. I will not finish my contest between Tan and myself because I feel he has much greater Photoshop Skills then I do. Also I maybe leaving FC for a while to focus on my photoshop skills. For awhile I will be at Planet Render trying to get better untill I feel that I am on the same level as Planet Renders signatures.

My Very First Render:

A Shady Chain I Made:

My New Avatar:

My New Signature:

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome here at Fusion Central.


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Why don't you ask them what they do, as in techniques and whatnot? Find out why yours aren't as good as theirs.

I know that it doesn't mean much coming from me, but I think that your sigs are really cool. You made Himie's, right? I think that that looks awesome.

Anyway, good for you for not giving up! Keep trying. I'm sure that you'll become one of the best if you don't give up! XDD

And....aww. Don't give up with the sig contest! I think that you should push yourself and keep trying! Get totally off-the-wall ideas and use them!


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Well if u feel that way Omega then do what u have to do, but plz, atleast check on us from time to time will ya? It would be sad not to see u here for a LONG time ;_; But now I can't wait to see how much ur skills will improve though which means in time u might even become even greater than Tan if u wanted(no offense Tan) Have fun over there and Planet Renders though. From what I've seen since I pop in there from time to time they seem like Stuck up ppl anyway...but they do give u the motivation to give it ur all with very tuff critism. Oh and one more thing, if any member of theirs give u any trouble do tell them to join here so we can destroy them^^;*hugs* Bye Omega for now, u will be missed:sad:


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i have to say i think u do a damn good job with the work u do. i couldent do that if u sat down and explained it to me 100 times over.*( well maybe 100.) but still u do a great job and i think u should stick with it personally.