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I have become a laptop owner


aka ginger warlock
This week I have become the proud owner of a laptop after eleven users of always using desktop computers. I still use one at work and I still have my desktops at home but I can't believe how long I waited for a laptop! I know it might sound daft to other Laptop users but I just love the freedom it offers.

For anyone who is interested the specs are:

2.2 Intel Core Duo Processor
4 GB Ram
320 GB HDD
Windows 7 OS
Onboard graphics but meh, I am not using it to game :):)


Supreme System Lord
This is fantastic news, but what are we supposed to do with it!?!


Well-Known Member
Don't laptops pretty much always always have onboard graphics? :lol:

Anyway nice one. I do enjoy laptops because I enjoy being able to sit anywhere while I use the computer. I will always be partial to desktops though, I enjoy having a huge screen, a nice speaker setup, and of course a real mouse.

I don't even use laptops for true portability, so far I haven't run my laptop on battery but one time and that was only for 5 minutes.

I Have an ASUS G73jh (look it up it's a beast) Welcome to Republic Of Gamers! - G73Jh

I just looked it up again and I didn't even realize that I had an overclock on command button :lol:

Someday I would like to get a macbook pro (for the durability and comfortable feel) from there I would delete OSX and install Windows that would be a nice laptop.


aka ginger warlock
Well I was hoping people would mention how great and wonderful the decision was and how wise I am :D


Registered Member
Well I was hoping people would mention how great and wonderful the decision was and how wise I am :D
It was a smart decision to buy the laptop--but it would be wise to make sure it has a cooling table and good anti-virus. ;)