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I have an idea


Registered Member
On the ELLEN show she often has stories that greatly touch her. For instance the boy who needed some sort of surgery that Golden Palace won the auction for. She had him on the show and gave him a surprise of meeting the band KISS. She also often raises money by having auctions... they tried to win the monkey auction but Golden Palace beat them to it... Golden Palace even bought the Ellen Doll... so I wonder if we all joined forces and bombarded Ellen with emails about our auctions if she would start an eBay segment to the show that highlighted everyone from auction sightings...

Here is a link to the email portion of her site. You have to clilck on the titles of which apply. I think OH YES YOU CAN... is the best fitted title for us...

I'm sending one off with current eBay items numbers on my favorites as well as my own auction info and hope for the best... I watch her every day!!!


If you choose to do the same just post that you did in this thread... Please be sure to try and include my auction as well... If she gets hit with a bunch of eBay email everyday I am sure we are in for a mention...


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Great... just so happened your auction was in my list as well... I had about 18 of them... I went through all the members on here and picked up the ones that were in the everything else category... plus a few of the other auctions that caught my eye...