I have an aqua blue screen


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So, all of the sudden, I now have an aqua blue screen instead of white. I didn't change any settings, that I am aware of.

I have a laptop, it's about a year and a half old. I have had issues with it overheating and shutting itself off for the past couple of months. (If this is helpful in any way.)

Any clue as to why now everything is blue instead of white? it's everything, web pages, word documents, etc. Even when I'm on facebook and someone has white in their picture, it comes up as blue. Any clue what the issue is, and how I can fix it?
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The overheating is causing it to shut off, but I don't want to say 100% what the screen turning blue is. There are many signs of screens about to go out, which this may be the case.. but like I said, I don't want to for sure say.

Is it just random, no matter how the screen is tilted? or is it just certain ways the screens tilted?


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Well yeah, that's what I was saying. The overheating is causing it to shut off. I just didn't know if that was a valid issue to the blue screen problem.

It's all the time, no matter how the screen is tilted.


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I don't think it's the screen, it could be but I don't think so.

I've had several video cards go out and they've all gone in a similar manner.

One card I had made the screen turn green and eventually it just died completely and didn't work at all.

Another video card would overheat and then it wouldn't be able to display anything until I restarted the computer.

So now I ask...

Exactly what is happening?

When you say the computer is overheating and shutting off do you mean that the computer is literally shutting down or can you just not get a picture (but the fans/lights are still on).

Does this blue only cover what should be white?

Try reinstalling your video card drivers.


Well...I had the same problem a year ago with my desktop computer. Instead of blue, I got purple. Everything white would turn into purple.
I thought it was the video card, then the power supply ... but none of them had issues.

The one that had issue was the monitor. It was overheated because I left it 2 straight days on, without screensaver.
The overheating causes the crystals to get overheated and they change color.

Now, I don't know if that's the same issue in your laptop.
It could be the video card but also the monitor.
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Yeah with the monitor I forgot about that, severe overheating can cause the brighter burning pixels to change color. It can really mess with the contrast on your screen.

If you know how then try tweaking the contrast.

If it overheated to turn off then it's likely that the video card or the screen simply got too hot.


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Any clue what the issue is, and how I can fix it?
The screen colour change is most likely due to a faulty screen inverter. You'll need to take it to be repaired( should not cost a lot ($50 max?).

It could of been caused by the overheating or it might of been the cause of the overheating. I dont know, probably the former. In which case you need to find out what is overheating.


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I bought the extended warranty on this laptop, so it is still covered. I took it in for repair. They think it's a faulty monitor, but said they have to send it in to the manufacturer anyway.

But to answer some questions:

The aqua blue only showed up where there was supposed to be white. It's as if the monitor could no longer display the color white.

When it overheats, the bottom gets really, really hot. First, the monitor turns off, and you can still hear the fans going for about another minute, and then it shuts completely off. I usually wait for it to cool, and then hit the power button again. Then it does a resuming windows, and it has what I was previously doing up on the screen.

They said it would be out for 2 - 3 weeks.


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I got a call from the repair center yesterday.

They are saying that the damage is due to a spill. I actually did spill something on it ages ago...
But it's not covered under warranty.

They said that it damaged the mother board, and the mother board has then been slowly damaging other things. They said it would cost upwards to $500 to repair it...so it looks like I'm just going to be without a laptop.


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Buy a notebook, only like 300 or less. Capable of internet and word processor type stuff. Connect a webcam and you have a setup for not too bad a price. Guess that's what you're spending your newly acquired raise on eh?