I have a ring stuck on my finger


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And no this is not a bad marriage joke. Although I bet there are several people who have rings stuck on their fingers for years. :D

Anyone have any suggestions for getting this ring off? I put it on just for the heck of it and I guess it was a little too snug. Now it's here to stay it seems. :(

I have tried cold water and soap and no luck. It's not tight enough to be dangerous, and my finger is not turning red or anything, but I would still like to get this thing off.

Any suggestions?
If dish soap fails, try soaking your hand for a bit in some nice cold water. When we get overly hot, sometimes, our fingers/hands can swell. Soaking them in cool water will often help reduce the swelling and let the ring slip right off.


what? no pink?
baby oil should work really well. Dragon suggested lotion, if it's oil based it should work otherwise I'm not sure. I've had rings stuck on my finger before and baby oil took care of it hehe

sorry it's stuck though, I know you can get that feeling of panic. I remember one time when I was a kid, for some unknown reason I stuck my finger in a bottle and thought my mother would never get it off. had visions of living with this bottle on my finger for life :D


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Oh man.. Or living with the alternative... ow, and oh no! :(

Luckily bottles can be cut easily. A ring will cost about $300 or so to have cut off at the hospital.

Anyway I am going to try some of these methods and see if I can't get this thing off. Then I will be smart and not put it on that finger again. I don't generally wear rings anyway so I'm not used to them and how to deal with things like getting them stuck. ;)


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$300 just to get a ring cut off your finger. Why don't they just cut the finger off for that price?


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LOL! What a bargain that would be... :shocked:

And actually I got the ring off just a bit earlier tonight. I ended up putting my hand in ice water for a while and using dish soap to get the ring off.

That's something I want to try to avoid in the future.. :nod:
Glad you got the ring off, but for future reference - the trouble with oils and soaps is that they make the ring slippery too. The best way is to wrap dental floss round and round your finger from the knuckle up to the ring, then thread the end of the floss through the ring and gently pull the ring over the floss.
Trust me, it's easier than it sounds.....:confused: