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Discussion in 'Pets' started by whiteraven, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. whiteraven

    whiteraven Registered Member

    My cat never seems to be happy with any kind of food I buy him. I've tried canned food and he will only eat the pante kind but, certain flavors. Sometimes he just won't eat what is in his bowl unless I put new in it.

    I have know idea what to do about a picky cat like him. I've tried everything too. Any ideas would be helpful.

  2. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    You just have to get him that particular kind of food.

    My cat is the same way. Patte only, and he refuses to eat any with liver in it. I can't give him dry food because he's a fat ass and won't chew his food, so he throws it up about 10 minutes later.
  3. Hilander

    Hilander Free Spirit Staff Member V.I.P.

    I've had cats that were so picky they were always skinny. There's nothing you can do but give them what they want and hope they eat it. I've had other cats that were pigs, would eat anything and everything and became very fat. They would even eat my dogs food when her back was turned. Only if they were stealing it from her, if you put it in their bowl they wouldn't eat it.

    If your cat has always been this way I doubt this is the problem. I had one cat that would get that way when he had problems with fur balls. Licked himself a lot and it would stop him up.
  4. Jim_Raynor

    Jim_Raynor Registered Member

    If you feed your cat too often your cat will get picky. After a while of not eating the cat will get the idea that you will only give it food that it may not like. How often do you feed your cat? I would say twice a day would be the right number to that your cat won't get picky. Feed it less, it will eat everything. But don't starve it.
  5. whiteraven

    whiteraven Registered Member

    I feed him twice a day. He just doesn't eat it all and will meow at me to give him something else. He is a big guy. I try both dry and wet. Still he's picky. I now will just leave dry food in his bowl and if he gets hungry I guess he'll eat. I also make sure he has fresh water everyday.
  6. Sim

    Sim Registered Member

    My two cats get picky too -- but only when they assume they'll actually get something more tasty when they annoy me enough. When they learn it's either "take it or leave it", they'll soon eat the food I give them, and seem to enjoy it, even be crazy about it. It's my impression that it's not that they don't like it, but that when you pamper them too much, they'll try their luck.

    So I guess I'm with Jim -- when they don't want what you give them, that's their problem. A cat can easily spend a day or two without eating at all.

    So I'd try the following: Make sure there's always a plate with dry food and water, as an "emergency" food. Then give her wet food twice a day, "take it or leave it". When your cat realizes that begging won't change that, she'll probably eat it eventually, after a few days.

    Just keep in mind that wet food easily gets bad when it's in the open for a couple of hours.
  7. Jim_Raynor

    Jim_Raynor Registered Member

    Very true Sim, as soon as the cat realizes that it can't have good food anymore it will just settle for any food, which will be what you give it. but this doesn't mean don't feed your cat healthy dog food, don't cheap out an buy the cheapest because there is a reason why it is the cheapest.
  8. Sim

    Sim Registered Member

    Yes, of course... it should be "okay" cat food.

    But of course your cat will prefer raw chicken or fresh fish (depending on his/her taste) over a food he can have every day. Point being, most of us probably don't have money for the best of the best food for our cat every day. So they have to learn this very good candy is for special occasions only. :)

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