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    This is the first time I am doing this, but I am in the process of doing an ms telethon. I have the ms society backing me as a third party for tax break. but the auction I set up is for fees that I already paid into setting up a website on my own and rest will go to cost relating to setting up this venture.
    I hope i didn't brake any ebay rules can you all take a look at my auction and my website. www.mstelethon.org . I had mark from tatad interested in helping me along with others as well so I already put out a press realease and I do have 2 local tv stations helping me. I have volunteers but i need to get entertainment and other things.... boy this is alot of work but I am having a ball knowing that I am doing something positive.
    Here is my auction.

    Anyone have ideas please let me know, I am spining my head around for ideas help, anyone wants to help let me know. MS society loves the idea and want to make it national... so give me your input or email me .....all ideas are welcome..... :tough:

    Help me add my auction to your watch list.... be cool to make ebay pulse...
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