I have a bad feeling about the Edgeheads

We haven't seen them for awhile. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


(getting released soon?)

I know some members don't really like them, however one of them (I think Curt) he great potential as a singles wrestler.

Your thoughts or predictions?


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Well I still can't tell them apart so I dont know which is better in all honesty haha. They have sputtered since the Edge thing ended. I hope they dont get released because they are a solid team but they havent been doing much lately and thats not a good sign


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I wouldn't be surprised if they do get released, and to be honest I won't be to angry about it either. I've never been a big fan of them. I didn't find them entertaining in the ring, they don't impress me that much. But I still believe they have good wrestling abilities.


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I think they'd definitely be worth keeping around. There aren't enough tag teams these days. Without them there's only Carlito & Primo, Ezekiel Jackson & Brian Kendrick and Jesse & Festus left on Smackdown (well, apart from the all brand Miz & Morrison) and that's not the strongest list. They could definitely get a title run if they got a proper push.
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I think they're another potentially great team getting lost in WWE's shuffle.
Isn't it amazing that tag teams can get lost in the shuffle when there's barely any good tag teams on either show? Unreal.


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Yeah I still always think back to around 2000 when Hardys, Team 3D (The Dudleys) and Edge/Christian were feuding. That was my favorite part of the WWE at the time, probably.