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I Hate This Guy



LOL that is funny dude, I didnt bother reading down before i clicked it, i click, and its me, i have this sudden droping feeling in my heart, i was like "wtf, and to think i uploaded anime for this kid..." LMAO

great job for this, it deserves +1


La Coquette
I cant believe Im hated! *runs off and cries*

Besides that I was actually shocked but I loved it!

+karma Malificus


Likes snow
[hide]Awesome, there are at least three different ways to do it!  the second way and the third way[/hide]


pretty nice.
Could you have done something like, guess who's profile i've hacked into.. take a look.


Likes snow
[hide]I don't know, I guess I could have. But apparently, the three ways I showed that trick works are the only ways, letters don't work, and letters after the numbers don't change anything (it just follows the numbers), and even placing insanely high numbers dont work (only 0 causes the glitch)[/hide]


A Darker Knight
oh noes! I've made an enemy. O_O darn ^_^