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I hate tennis advice


Registered Member
I honestly think this is my own hangup. I've always been very sensitive to suggestion because the implication is I must be deficient. Something about deficiency makes me feel weak and vulnerable. I suppose that is true to some degree for most people, but for me I let it reflect who I am instead of a single incident.

But since yesterday, that my doubles partner said I need to move my feet, I've been obsessing about every error I made. Probably insult to injury is that this guy has the oddest technique of any of our regular group. Yes, he is a reliable partner, but can have an intimidating face. I haven't let him get to me up to this point, but now that he's made such a notation, I feel I'm under his scrutiny all the time.

In fact once I did get up on my toes more and made a few good shots; which he took credit for. And later, twice, he thinks that elaborating on the whole "move feet" thing was necessary. Funny thing is that I do get more tight (not a good thing in tennis) and things can just go worse.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've played with many people like that in my lifetime. They think every advice they give is a good one. I know it's hard to ignore them, especially in doubles Tennis, since communication is a big part of the game, but just try not to let it bother you since it's probably going to distract you even more, and probably make you play worst.