I hate sports commercials


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I can't stand all the stupid "NO I IN TEAM HURRRRRRRR" or "GAAAAATORAAAAAADEWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" type shit you see during breaks on ESPN and stuff. I guess it's just the cliche that bugs me, but overall it's really annoying.


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There's some really bad ones out there, but in my opinion there's more good ones. I can't go on youtube at work. But I can find you at least 20 or more of them that I'm sure you could appreciate. I only say 20 because I don't want to post 50+ of them.


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The one I was thinking of was that lame one that's on ESPN constantly with everyone clapping and cheering in rhythm. It's just stupid to me.


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I don't watch sports all that much, but I love the twins one. I think it's rather old and it was a beer commercial or something of that nature. I LOVE football on tv...(something I can't remember)...and and and TWINS!


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The NHL has put out some pretty bang up ones in the recent past. I'm thinking of the Young Guns in the Hotel one where all the superstars are just goofing off, then at the end of the commercial Alexander Ovechkin is Ordering all this Room Service "to Sidney Crosby" :hah: I thought it was good.



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I dont know, I pretty much like most of them. Well, most of the ones that come on ESPN. Other ones just seem to be incredibly stupid.


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I love the sports/beer commercials where the guys are at the coach's news conference, and they ask him questions.


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I like some of the old Seattle Mariners commercials. A lot of funny ones. I don't pay much attention to generic sports commercials (I don't watch ESPN much, and I don't pay attention to Gatorade commercials).
Actually you are really lucky in this subject, i like most of them. But you should watch our GSM operator commercials in Turkey. Hedo dances, girls sing a song which sounds like it's written in 1 hour. Just praise for that :D