I hate my sister


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It's official. I HATE my sister. I hate her SOOO much. I'm in the bookstore at the mall and I was browsing the fiction section. My sister walked over and said, "Kayleigh, what are you doing here? The dirty books are over there!" She said that in front of this 50 year old guy... When he heard her, he looked at me with an expression that said, "WTF?" I ran to the other side of the bookstore and was stomping my feet. My face was soooo red. I hate her. >.< She was laughing her ass off.


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Lol I wouldn't have been embarrassed I would have said "okay" and went to look. But I'm used to things like that with my brothers.
I would have said "well you don't need me to be with you all the time, head on over there and I'll know where to meet you when I'm ready to go"


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Sounds like the wrong words from the wrong person in front of the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Curses! I shake my fist at your evil sister!


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Sweet sweet revenge Himeko....just think u can bring it back the heart double. Tch....I'm use to it though because my mom and friends tease me like that, but I always come back with a smart remark and have to run for it afterwards >>;


You need to have a half-dozen comebacks just in case you get into situations like this. Always come prepared, so no matter what she throws at you, you can dish back out a good insult.

And get revenge while you're at it.


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It's funny to her, but cruel for you.

She doesn't know how you feel about the insult she threw at you.

No matter what she says to you, even that might hurt you feelings, you gotta make sure that you have a good comeback..

"Kayleigh, what are you doing here? The dirty books are over there!"
^^That^^ is just to bloody selfish..She hadnt to say anything better than that??

No offense to you Kayleigh, I gotta say this, Your sister is a 100% BITCH