I Hate Direct T.v.


living on the border
Soooo first game...NO FREAKING SATELLITE SIGNAL!!! I could understand this if it was raining, but nope...CLEAR SKIES...I"M FUCKING PISSED...

now I actually have to go to school on time..

...plus yahoo says that the red sox are down 2-0 anyways....:(


Hell, It's about time!
Have them check your pole. My pole was loose and the slightest bit of wind knocked it out of alignment. The guy says it may not look like much, but even 5cm’s equals 60 miles or more off the satellite. They came by, free of charge, fixed the pole, and even credited me the week that I didn’t get a picture.


living on the border
Relax. There are 161 more games after this one. You actually skip school to watch them?
I wouldnt have completely skipped...just missed the first 3 classes. But there were so many teachers playing it today (my school some how gets cable on the computer and uses the projector thing to let us watch t.v.). None of my teachers were though. first period, we had a math test so that was out of the question. And 2nd period was chorus..so no computer at all. But I asked to go the the bathroom and got to watch it by standing outside a class door. At that point it was 6-4 v10th.

Through out the whole game people were running around giving updates to random people wlaking down the hall. Some senoir ran up to me and was like 4-4 in the 9th...I also died. After still thinking that they were down 2-0. But I got to see the last out during the transition from 2 to 3rd period. There was manyshouts of joy...what a good day

...the direct t.v. problem happened to many many people in boston today (well according to a radio station it did)....hopefully it is working by 11 tonight so that I can see the replay..

...good news...I get to watch it during 1st period tomorrow. I had a bio test last period today, so as a treat we get to watch it during class tomorrow...YAY....:D
DirecTV problems meant no Red Sox-Athletics game for some viewers - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

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