I had two Jesus dreams. Do they mean anything?


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Hey, not sure if this is appropriate, but I had two dreams about Jesus that really stick out in my mind. I don't know if they have a meaning or not, but I felt like putting it here so you can check it out.

#1- This dream occured after I had had a miserable day in middle school. I dreamt I was climbing Mount Golgotha, following many of Jesus followers who went to see Jesus die on the cross. I trip over a rock and fall flat on my face on the dirt. Before I could get up again, I find myself being picked up by an unseen force by the feet. I scramble at the loose rock and small bunch of grasses in an attempt to stay on the Earth, but no avail. I rise up higher and higher into the clouds until I'm exactly over Jesus' cross. I see His head droop down onto his chest and seconds later, His spirit (I assumed) appears, floating toward me with a bright smile on His face. As He passes me, I plant a kiss on His cheek and the dream ends.

#2- This dream occured after I didn't go to Sunday. Again, it's set on Mount Golgotha and I'm with the crowd watching Jesus on the cross. This time, a woman appears carrying a stool and she approaches Jesus. Placing the stool at the foot of the cross, she gets up until she's eye-level with him. She begs Him to let her pray for Him, but He ignores her, staring at the robber that is crucified to His right.


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It's perfectly normal, and shouldn't have any meaning in my opinion. People have had a lot more bizarre dreams. It might be a form of wish fulfilment.


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It might mean you are very tied to your religion (which I am going to guess is Christianity), and since you skipped a Sunday church and this triggered it, it may be because of your spiritual connexion. :p