I had the weirdest dream last night


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okay, so last night I had this dream:

It starts where I am sitting with Derek Jeter in the Yankees locker room and I tell him that I am pregnant (yeah, I had to be like 20 something). So then Jeter gets all excited and after the game (the yankees have won the AL East...haha) and he makes the announcement to EVERYONE and then proposes...of course I accept. Then somehow the scene changes, and I'm talking to my dad, who is manager of the Red Sox. And he's telling me that I broke Jacoby Ellsbury's heart...who I supposedly dated before. And he tells me that marrying Jeter will ruin his team. But I marry Jeter and aways and its like a year later, me and Jeter supposedly get a divorce because he found a Paternity test where I was testing to see if his brother was the baby's dad, he wasnt, but Jeter got mad anyways...scence change...I'm at Yankees stadium and I'm with my son, and I'm yelling at Jeter because he forgot that it was his sons 1st birthday....and then he was about to yell back...but the phone rang

it was the direct t.v. people telling me that the dude was outside...at 7:50 AM! This is by far the wierdest dream that I have ever had.....yeah...it kind of hilarious actually:lol:


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Re: I had the wierdest dream last night

lol I had a weird one last night.

But I like weird dreams. It's better than nightmares.


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Re: I had the wierdest dream last night

No. Listen to this.

Ok, so I was at a horse race with Dr. House. I was apparently famous, because I was surrounded by celebrities an after the race Dr. House and I went down onto the field and talked to the woman who was running the races. Then I heard a gunshot. turned to see a child get hit and thrown against a wall. I just turned back around and kept talking to the woman. Then like 2 seconds later I suddenly caredd, and /i was suddenly a doctor. I ran to the child to help, except something was wrong. The child had become a sandwich. The lettuce and meat and everything was all over the ground, and mustard nd mayo was leaking out of it. I quickly proceeded to put the sandwich-child back together, and I knew that for some od reason I hadd to do it in the right order.

Then I woke up.

I swear to all the deities man has ever imagined that I actually dreamt this dream.


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Re: I had the wierdest dream last night


The other night I had this weird dream. I was flying a sea plane and I crashed and gained the super power to stretch my body. Like from Fantastic 4. I ran into this teacher that my mom was close with. We talked and she did the "you've gotten so big!" routine. Then suddenly I'm at her house with her daughter, close to my age, was reaaaally into me. She kept talking about how we should hang out on New Years for the midnight kiss. But I blew her off and found out her mom was trapped in a mirror and I had to free her.

THEN I decided to go out on one of those paddle boats. But it was a small sub that I could go under water with, but I had to paddle.

Then afterwards I go back to the those and the girl is in trouble with the police or something.

I ignore that and try to find the mirror her mom is in, I find her, and some how free her.

Then I woke up.