I Had No Idea Justin Pierce Died


I ♥ Haters
I was watching Next Friday the other day on Stars, and I remembered that the guy who played Roach also played that cutie Casper in Kids. So, I went to imdb to see what he was upto lately, turns out he's been dead since 2000. Almost a decade now.

Upon further "lookings" I found a bunch of posts made by people that blamed Guy Mariano for Justin's death, since Guy's affair with Justin's wife triggered his suicide, and that's the reason why Guy "disappeared" from the skateboarding scene due to guilt... Don't really know how true that is, but its kinda sad how Justin Pierce's life ended so abruptly. He was an extremely talented skater, and he had a knack for acting. Kids and A Brother's Kiss has to be some his finest works. It's sad that at 25, you have a life full of potential and then you decide its not worth it anymore.