I Got the Blues


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Mmmkay well i really want to hear this song but i dont know who sang it or what its called or if its even a real song all i know is that it goes

I got the blues....
Nuh na na nuh na (thats my internet singing voice :cool:)

Its hard to explain in text but i am sure most of you have heard it some time

Is there a name or an artist?


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Like railway jazz, or american folk....or most likely blues, im not exactly sure but i know its an older song

it might just be like a campfire song where people just sing it and nobody knows who first sang it because i cant find anything about it

...maybe i just imagined it? :confused:
Fairly sure I know what you're talking about, but I can't for the life of me think where I've heard it. At least you half-know now you didn't make it up in your mind :lol:

I'm sure a kid comically sings it as well in some film but no idea which, 'cause that might help.. As for the original, pfft, I'll keep thinking.