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I got my negative!!! LOL


Registered Member
Well, the idiot that packaged my son's laptop in a shirt and napkins finally left a neg. It took him like 10 days to figure out I left him one I guess. He replied to what I left him and said it was "packaged up to code" I nearly died laffing so I replied to THAT and said "if a dirty shirt and napkins is up to code, I pray you don't work for the .ca PO" hahaah...

Then I replied to my neg and called him an idiot.

I knew it was coming and *do not care*.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to the wonderful kind people here that bid/bought on my son's auctions! You guys are great!! The auctions brought just enough in, to pay my son back his $20 that he lost! I don't know how to say thank you enough!

AND, to top it all off, a wonderful lady had an older laptop that they no longer used, so she gave it to him!! It was exactly what he needed. Not a huge hard drive, has win 98 and a cd drive. I can't say who it is because it's at a competitors site :/ But their initials are WE.com I know they are competitors, but that was incredibly kind of them!!

Thank you all again!


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Well we all know we are doomed for a neg one day .Cause some people dont care and will neg you even if you dont deserve it.Like yours But other people will be able to see your reply. And then they will see it was not your fault.Im glad that the other people gave your son a laptop .Just goes to show you not all people are bad. Also im glad he got his money back from that raw deal.


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yeah, one of "thempeople" with a fb of 130. (and him with his 10... and already 2 transactions complaining about shipping) Every neg I've gotten (3) was undeserved but if you dole out a neg, you might as well plan on one in return, and I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Actually I laughed. His response just confirmed he's an idiot.


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Hi Lana! took a peek at the feedback....what a loser! But more importantly...Got to sneak another peek at the KoolAid purse...I love you purses!


Registered Member
Awwwww..... thanks so much onesie Hehe.

I am going to list some more in the next couple days. I have 3 that are done and have orders for 4 more. Purses purses everywhere.


Registered Member
Love your purses!!! :cool: :cool:
That dude needs a typing class (and English too). :lol: Yeah- you're one of them people. :lol: