I got infected by Trojan.Vundo and all I got was this T-Shirt

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Stab-o-Matic5000, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    Anyone else had the dubious pleasure of being infected by this trojan? What a fucking pain in the ass this one was. Vundo does the standard trojan bullshit like looking for passwords and bank account information, but this one's a particularly nasty one. It latches on to your windows system executables and downloads a ton of other trojans and fake anti-spyware programs like Spyware Protect 2009 or Anti-Spyware 2009 to try and trick you into giving it your bank account information to "upgrade" to full protection to protect you from non-existant viruses. What's worse, is it will completely stop most anti-virus software from working or being installed, and actually hijacks some to work towards its nefarious purposes. On top of that, it makes your computer run slow as fuck.

    So how the hell do you get rid of it? Here's what I did:

    Go to Malwarebytes.org and download their anti-malware software. It's one of the few programs out there that can actually detect this trojan and get rid of it. I recommend getting it even if you don't have the virus, because it's better to have it now then have to get it later, since Vundo will hijack your internet browsers and make them either run incredibly slow or only give a website that says "This website is harmful, install (insert fake anti-spyware here) to protect yourself". Here's the kicker, though. Vundo will know what's up, and block both the install program or the anti-virus program itself from being run. There is a way to get around that, however. You will have to first rename the executable mbam in the program's folder to something else. Then, right click it, click Properties. In the properties window, go to the compatibility tab, and set it to run in compatability mode for windows 2000. This will prevent Vundo from blocking it from running. (you'll have to do this for the install file too if you're installing it after you get infected.) Then, run the program, update it, and have it scan your computer. Once it's done, click show results, and remove all selected infections. It'll prompt you to restart your computer, and once you do, the trojan should be gone from your computer.

    I just thought I should make a post on here letting people know what needs to be done to get rid of this, since it's honestly one of the worst trojans that I've gotten over the years, and it's taken me about 2-3 days to get it off my system. I thought I should save everyone else that kind of torment.
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  2. Nibbles

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    I was nearly infected by another trojan luckily avast saved my pc. I bookmarked your thread to get the anti-malware software and refernce other advice. Thanks for the heads up! BTW was your pc infected through the net or a storage device?
  3. Major

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    My computer was infected by this crap a couple weeks ago and nothing I tried to get rid of it worked. It just kept coming back and kept getting worse. Finally my dad called Geek Squad to come over and fix it and even they had trouble. But they did fix it and everything's running smoothly now.
  4. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    I think it was the net. The only storage device I used was my roommate's flash drive, but he doesn't have the virus so I'm fairly certain it wasn't that. It apparently comes in through exploits in your browser's security, I'm thinking that it slipped in when I used internet explorer to watch some TV show online. Firefox doesn't work well with some of those online players that the networks use. Now I'm just going to never use it again.
  5. Tucker

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    I just used the VundoFix freeware when I caught one of these Virtumonde bugs. Cleared it right up without a struggle.
  6. Major

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    I tried VundoFix when my computer was infected and it didn't find anything.
  7. ysabel

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    You guys made me scared with your vundo talk. I downloaded malwarebytes and did a quick scan. After almost an hour, it found one infected file in my registry but nothing serious. Whew.
  8. wolfheart

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    I got hit with this three days ago,I had no idea how to get rid of it,so thank you very much indeed.

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