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PSP I Got Cheated


New Member
I got cheated on a website called pspblender.com. i extremely suggest everyone not to go to that website. I joined for a one time fee of 37 dollars and they directed me to a p2p file sharing program which is , of course illegal. and the games you download do not support your psp. they also claim that it is the last day for their offer, i later found out that they say that everyday... -_-. so everybody.. dont be mislead into this site, its absolutely a scam site. ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT TRUST PSPBLENDER.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~:sick:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Maybe it is you that has been mistaken.

The downloads are ROMs, which are very common to use. It would allow you to play classic games on your PSP, probably all the way up o N64 and PSX.

The movies are movie downloads that you put onto your memory stick.

You paid, so it's perfectly legal. I wouldn't be so oblivious to the whole legal/illegal thing on the internet, especially with P2P. No one is going to come to your house and watch what your downloading, and they can't do so over the internet either. But, like I said, this just isn't what you were looking for (it's something completely different, to be frank).

You weren't cheated, there are games for the PSP here and they made that very clear; there just aren't any PSP games there.


Registered Member
You can get a free old console emulator (which is what you mistakenly paid for) at yoyofr92.free.fr/psp/snespsp.html It's a SNES emulator, and it's supposedly really good, but you might not be able to use it depending on what PSP firmware you have, due to Sony's increasingly tight security updates to thwart emulation. Too bad about your money, though. :-/