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I got another new handgun


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man i think the gun law needs to be looked again over there


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The odd one here....I hate guns...I know guns aren't the cause of people getting shot and killed, it's the people shooting the guns...but guns scare me.
What if they accidentally discharge??
What if you get some careless sumbitch who leaves their gun unattended with a 2 year old who gets ahold of it and fires it??
I know most people practice safety...but I'm dead serious when I say, if I see a gun in someone's house...and especially if I know it's loaded....I tremble, and I will leave.
My sons own guns, and they know not to bring them out and show them off when I'm around.
After my Dad passed away and I was cleaning out his room, I opened his top dresser drawyer and there were 3 guns!
I thought my heart had stopped.
I had to call my son to come remove them, I couldn't touch them...for fear I would accidentally fire one.


Wow, what's with all the gun collectors on this forum? What are you guys waiting for, the zombie apocalypse?