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I Got An Audition For A Band!


The Hierophant
Today while I was at work, I was receiving the grocery load and the truck driver came up to me and asked "You play the guitar, right?"

Caught me completely off guard because I've never seen this guy in my life. I was like "Yea, how the hell did you know that?"

"Oh, I just kind of got this vibe from you that you play guitar. Turns out, the guitarist in my band just got a divorce and he's moving to Tennessee. So, if you'd to audition for my band, you're more than welcome."

We were talking more than just that, but I couldn't help but just be completely amazed at how the spirits work. This literally goes to show that if you just put your energy into anything, and you focus on something, it'll eventually just come up and introduce itself to you.

Anyway, here's the band playing some gig that they did at some point.
YouTube - Double Tapp ~ Change


Well-Known Member
That's awesome Hiei. I can't watch the video right now because i'm at work, so what genre do they play? I like the band name too.


The Hierophant
Imp, they're kind of a heavy soft rock kind of music if that makes sense. At least that's what I can gather from the video at any rate. I'm going to meet up with the guy tomorrow after I get off work and I'm going to show him what I know and see where it goes from there. Yea, I like the band name, too. :p

Thanks, Jeanie! I'm really, very excited about this. :D


Registered Member
I wish you well....


The Hierophant
Thanks guys!

The audition went really well for me. I played everything the best that I could, I got along with the band really well and we jammed for a few hours. Unfortunately I didn't get the spot because there was another guitarist there auditioning and even I'll admit that they made a better choice of picking that guy over me. I'm still thrilled that I got to play with an actual band and they said that they'd be willing to jam with me whenever I want really and if they need another guitarist for some reason for some reason that they'll give me a call. I'm not expecting anything to come of it, but it was still quite an experience and hasn't put a damper on anything for me.


Sally Twit
That's great, Mikel. All experience is good. At least it's given you the confidence to try again if the option should come up. You'll get better and better and find the right band for you.