I got a BlackBerry!


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And I'm loving the BBM (blackberry messenger). Even though I have unlimited txts (sms/mms) on my plan, they don't apply for international sending and most of the people I chat with are not in France. BBM solves that...er, of course they should have BB too for it to work :rofl:.

So far I'm really liking it. It's Bold 9700. I'll try surfing GF via mobile later. Now if only I can figure out how to remove its battery....:shifteyes:


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Why do you need to remove the battery? And yay! Bbm is fun! You can also get yahoo messenger for it as well. And google maps


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I had the old Curve and just got the Curve 8530 and it's pissing me off. The battery sucks and last night for some weird reason it shut off and I lost everything. Luckily I periodically back up everthing on my computer so I had to restore everything.


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My girlfriend jusy a Blackberry Cuve and she absolutely loves it. She also gave me her old Blackberry and I absolutely hate it. I really dont like how the keys to text are so small...I always write words I dont want to because I hit two letters at once. I also have small fingers. I cant wait for my contract to run up and I can finally buy my Iphone.


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welcome to the world of smartphones lol

The 9700 is top of the line, I have one myself

You don't need to remove the battery. This things a beast. You should join crackberry.com for free goodies like apps and themes and learn more about your precious BB :)


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Oh I finally figured out how to remove the batt :rofl:. Almost broke a nail.

It's just that I wanted to put another sim card to see if I can transfer my old contacts from my other sim. But apparently my other sim is locked. Dur.

I'm loving my phone especially the switch apps and multitasking. My two main emails are linked to it and I have the 4 main instant messaging (including social ntwrks) refreshing/notifying real time. So far I have no issue with it and I know I still haven't fully taken advantage of its features. Hmm, on second thought I do have a complaint about it. I don't like how the DEL button is right on top of the Enter button and they both have arrows. I keep pressing the wrong key.

I've been playing with th voice and cam to send while chatting at BBM.

Chris, if the keys are too small wouldn't u have the same issue even if it was tactile?


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the phone place should have been able to transfer those for you as they did mine when i got my first bb a while back but you should get google sync installed to the phone so you'll have a back up online now for it and when you swap phones you'll have easy access in case your backups get corrupt

oh and make sure you lowjack it in case it gets stolen or you get kidnapped so they can track you :)
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I have a Curve 8330 that was only used for a few months if anyone is interested in it.

I loved the thing but I didn't need all of the bells and whistles that came with having the internet on my phone and so on. Having instant messengers was awesome, though.