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Wii I finally played Wii for the first time


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I played Wii now for the first time over this past week at a friends house and I have to say it is way more fun than I expected originally.

It's very well done and I have no problem seeing why it is #1 in profits so far right now in this new console war. It's still sold out everywhere and now I understand why.

The motion sensitivity really makes it very unique and there are several games that I can already think of that would be really fun with the new control styles.


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Re: I finally played Wii for the firs time

I'm glad that you enjoy your experienced playing with the Wii. It's a really awesome system and like you said, the motion sensitive controller sets them apart from the competition. It's still currently sold out till probably after the holiday season. One thing I don't like is that for the older games and the games you download online, you must use the older controller instead of the motion sensitive controller.


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i think that once the new thing where companies can make their own games where you can get on the wii store you might be able to use the wii remote but i dont know.


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Yeah, the Wii is pretty awesome, the only downside is that there's not that many interesting games out yet. But by then end of this year around xmas, Wii will be just as huge as it was last year.;)


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I haven't played the Wii, i was thinking of getting one, but i got a ds instead (which is better, lite or the original) but i am defendently getting a ps3, my mum says if i save up $400, she'll pay the rest (why do you guys always get things first.)


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the ds lite is better than the original because it can become more brighter i think.


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Yes...Join the revolution.

I recently got one with Twilight Princess, and the motion sensing is fun and helps gameplay. I'm actually typing this on the wii. The virtual console games are cheap and fast to download.

No reason you shouldn't buy one.