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I feel the need to show off


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Aren't AK47's illegal to own over there? :hmm:


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Yes yes well done we're all proud of you freedom of speech I can own a gun and brag about it congratulations - my point was that as it's a Russian fully automatic machine gun, it's not something I'd have thought just anyone could pick up and own.

Also, I'm pretty sure it is illegal to own, though it may just be in certain states. I have read it somewhere though.


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Pro, you should shave the firing pin on your AK and make it fully auto. You seem like a responsible fellow that only uses it at a range, anyway. Why not waste rounds faster?
I guess this comment flew over the heads of those not versed in the art of small arms repair. I am a veteran of the US Army, and am trained and experienced in Small Arms Repair and Maintenance, among other things. As such, I can tell you for a fact that shaving the firing pin on a firearm has no effect whatsoever on turning a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon. In fact, by shaving the firing pin, all you will accomplish is to wear it down faster and cause it to fail prematurely.
There is a small notched component inside the receiver called the "sear", and this is what controls semi-automatic or rapid-fire capabilities.
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Hell, It's about time!
Well if you want a non-sarcastic answer and are willing to listen here I'll explain how the laws work here.

There are only 7 states that prohibit semi-automatic variants of the AK-47 (and other semi-automatics M4, SKS, Uzi etc...) California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hawaii and Massachusetts. Some states don't ban them out right but may have local bans in certain areas of the state i.e. New York and Illinois.

In every other state semi-autos (M4's, AK's, SKS's, Uzi's etc...) are 100% legal and can be purchased like any other rifle, handgun or shotgun at a regular gun store. My state being one of them.

Full autos, while not outright "illegal" can still be obtained legally, there is a lot of red tape tho and most people don't bother. You have to get a stamp from the ATF, pay a $200 fee, find a Class 3 (Full auto) dealer, then buy the gun which has to be made pre-1984 (and they aren't cheap anymore). Class 3 dealers (items) also include sawed off shotguns (under 18'), grenades, silencers and other military equipment.

Once you do all that then you have to have your local sheriff sign off on it, and a lot more states have laws in place that prohibit FULL AUTO and Class 3 items and/or local law does not have to allow possession. In full contrast to laws regarding semi-auto which are NOT Class 3.

I think that there is a lot of confusion over what is full auto and semi-auto. What I own are all semi-auto... just because it's an AK, doesn't automatically mean it's full-auto, because its not... come on man I thought you knew all about guns :rolleyes:

YouTube - The Truth About Semi-Auto Firearms
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